Crypto investment fund

For those who want more from their investments in crypto assets
  • For Windows,MacOS,Android,iOS
    • Install the MetaMask crypto wallet or similar on your device
    • Connect to your wallet by clicking Connect, in the dialog box that appears if your wallet is not available, use the WalletConnect option, in this option in the desktop version you will need to scan the QR code using your wallet mobile application, the mobile wallet must support this function
    • After establishing a connection with the wallet, you will go to the interface of the wallet itself, go back to the site, leaving the application in memory
    • Upon successful connection to the wallet, an interface with the Count field, Buy and Sell buttons will appear under the course chart
    • If our PTN token is not in the list of your wallet, then click the Add to wallet button (does not work for all wallets), if the token does not appear in the list, then you need to add it manually using the data from the About token table
    • In the Count field, enter the number of PAYTON tokens that you want to buy or sell, under the Buy and Sell buttons you can see how much ETH you will spend or receive approximately during the transaction, taking into account a commission of 1% and internal gas fees for an online transaction blockchain
    • Select the type of operation and click on the appropriate button, buy Buy, sell Sell, after which you will go to your crypto wallet, where you will need to confirm the transfer
    • As soon as your transfer reaches our account, the system will automatically transfer the assets you purchase in return
  • For other OS
    • Install the contract manually, using MetaMask as an example, at the end of the list of supported tokens, go to the Import tokens > Custom token link and fill in the following fields:
      • Token contract address: 0x05881A188159C2F2556B17467f6C5Fb5fD0839B5
      • Token symbol: PTN
      • Number of decimal places of the token: 18 18
    • Click Add Custom Token
    • Transfer ether or tokens to our listening account 0xFC89738D4D8150B61e6A7e2c5cF0468668C5AeA7
    • As soon as the transfer reaches our account, PTN or ETH will be sent to your account at the rate at the time of crediting
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